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Kir Royal

Inside the mind of Wylie Dufresne

If it’s true of Alex and Aki, it’s even more true of me: Anything I might have had to say today takes a back seat to what Wylie Dufresne, chef of wd~50, has to say in this video. It’s not short, but it’s one of the most interesting videos I’ve seen on avant-garde cuisine in […]

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LN2 Bucket

A pair of behind-the-scenes videos

Two cool videos to share with you today. First up, John “Docsconz” Sconzo has a video of Town House sous-chef Matt Edwards preparing the orange shells for the dish “The Orange from Valencia.” John writes: This won’t be freeze the eyes to the screen of anyone already solidly grounded in techniques using liquid nitrogen, but […]

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Antigriddle 2

An example of a homemade Antigriddle

After posting about the PolyScience Antigriddle a few weeks ago, I came across a YouTube channel called “Procrastination Pictures,” with videos demonstrating various avant-garde culinary techniques. In particular, there are videos demonstrating a homemade version of an Antigriddle using a regular cast iron griddle chilled in liquid nitrogen, which boils at -196° Celsius. From what […]

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“When you see a Van Gogh, you know it’s a Van Gogh”

Here’s a recent video of a menu development meeting with the staff at Alinea. It’s an interesting inside look at how Chef Grant Achatz and his team take on the challenge of staying constantly at the forefront of modern cuisine. In particular, Achatz talks about how easy it is to identify certain plating styles with […]

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Shell-molded chocolates

Filling chocolates

Below is a short video I shot at a chocolate-making conference I attended last spring, organized by eGullet members. It shows my husband filling shell-molded chocolates with a passion fruit caramel. They were delicious!

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