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Chilli jam-1

Chilli jam

The first Thai cookbook I ever bought was Simply Thai Cooking by Wandee Young, which I gave as a gift to my husband. (At the time, it was the first edition!) It remains a go-to book for both of us when we want a weeknight Thai dinner, without having to go to the trouble of pounding […]

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Khao soi 1

Memories of Chiang Mai: Khao soi with homemade coconut milk

I spent a good chunk of December in Southeast Asia, specifically Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Hanoi. Needless to say, we had a variety of delicious foods, but one of the dishes that stood out for me the most was the Chiang Mai specialty of khao soi. Khao soi is part of the continuum of Asian […]

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Red curry paste

Mortar-fied: Thai curry paste with a mortar and pestle

When I recently made curry paste for a Thai jungle curry, I did it in a combination of food processor and small mortar and pestle, in batches. Since then, I’ve acquired a new, large mortar and pestle, so I promptly returned to the library to check out Hot Sour Salty Sweet again in order to […]

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Jungle curry

Welcome to the jungle: Thai jungle curry

Lately, in an attempt to get a better handle on Thai cuisine, I’ve been cooking some of the recipes in Hot Sour Salty Sweet, the latest (and last – the book is due back at the library tomorrow) of which is “jungle curry.” The way I understand it, jungle curry is differentiated from other Thai […]

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MC Pad Thai

Not-so-modernist Modernist Cuisine: Pad Thai

I’ve never really cooked a lot of Thai food – that’s more my husband’s department – but I love the flavours. And who can resist the national noodle dish, Pad Thai? So naturally, when I stumbled on the Pad Thai recipe in Modernist Cuisine, I had to give it a try. This might in fact […]

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