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Oaxaca Old Fashioned

Friday Night Cocktail: Oaxaca Old Fashioned

Thanks to the generosity of a friend visiting from the U.S., I recently came into a bottle of Del Maguey Chichicapa mezcal. Once I got it home, there was no question in my mind about what to make first: it had to be a Oaxaca Old Fashioned. From a certain perspective, mezcal is the Islay […]

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Friday Night Cocktail: Tequila Martinez

I’m recently back from vacation in the Pacific Northwest, where I had the chance to try these Bittermens “Hopped Grapefruit” bitters at Liberty in Seattle. (Joel, our bartender that evening, was kind enough to both use them in a drink and let me sample them on their own.) I was already familiar with the Bittermens […]

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Tequila Sunrise

Friday Night Cocktail: Tequila Sunrise

In light of my recent explorations of Mexican cuisine, it seemed only appropriate to pair those meals with Mexico’s indigenous spirit, tequila. If your mental image of tequila evokes frat parties and efforts to remember the proper order to lick-shoot-suck, you should know that there’s a whole world of tequila out there for you to […]

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