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Gin and Tonic

Friday Night Cocktail: Gin and Tonic

On a hot summer day, there is no drink I would rather have than a Gin and Tonic. So I’ve been drinking a lot of them lately, which finally gave me the impetus to make my own tonic syrup, which is then combined with club soda to produce tonic water. The defining feature of tonic […]

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Summer Syrup Series: Passion fruit syrup and the Hurricane

So far, all the cocktail syrups I’ve discussed in my Summer Syrup Series have come from the classic bartending tradition. Today’s, however, is drawn from an altogether different branch of the mixological family tree: Tiki drinks. The Tiki tradition calls on a wide array of different syrups, from plain old simple syrup to orgeat to […]

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Summer syrup series: Raspberry syrup and the Knickerbocker

Before there was grenadine, there was raspberry syrup. Okay, maybe that’s not literally true, but if you read early cocktail books, like Jerry Thomas’ Bartender’s Guide, you’ll see plenty of references to raspberry syrup… and none to grenadine. It’s an indispensable ingredient in the East India Cocktail and Clover Club, and makes a pretty fine […]

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Mai Tai

Summer Syrup Series: Orgeat

When I first became interested in craft cocktails, orgeat was one of the first syrups on my “to buy” list. (Actually, the very first time I heard about it was when watching Amélie, in which one of the customers orders a Mauresque.) Strangely, though, I had never made it myself until recently. Originally made from […]

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Summer syrup series: Lime cordial

My past Friday Night Cocktail posts have more-or-less reflected simply what I’m drinking at the time, with no particular overarching theme. For the next few weeks, that’s going to change, as I launch the Summer Syrup Series. Syrups are an indispensable part of mixology, and have been ever since the days of Jerry Thomas. Early […]

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