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Flor de Jerez

Friday Night Cocktail: Flor de Jerez

One of the downsides to being a home cocktail enthusiast, rather than a bar, is that any time you open a bottle of fortified or aromatized wine, it can be hard to get through it before it spoils. To combat this problem, obsessives like me tend to curate recipes oriented around our favourite cocktail wines, […]

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Bamboo Cocktail

Friday Night Cocktail: Aperitifs and the Bamboo Cocktail

For one reason or another, most of my alcohol consumption lately has been in the form of wine, which means that cocktails have taken a back seat. But sometimes, even when I’ve already got a wine picked out for dinner, I have that itch that only a cocktail can scratch. For those times, it’s nice […]

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Up-to-Date Cocktail

Friday Night Cocktail: Up-To-Date

No matter how many times I try, I can’t quite seem to get a handle on sherry. I know the fundamentals: that it’s a fortified wine made in certain regions of Spain, that it’s fermented by a film-forming yeast called flor, and that it’s aged in a fractional blending system called a solera. But once […]

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