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Pickled Quail Eggs

Pickled quail eggs and vacation notice

I’m about to leave on vacation – a two-week road trip across the US to the West coast – so naturally I had to clean out my fridge a little bit before my departure. Buried in the back, I found some quail eggs that had been kicking around for too long. Rather than just throwing […]

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Pickled Peppers

What Peter Piper picked

(OK, so maybe it wasn’t a whole peck.) Lately I’ve been wondering about vinegar pickles. I have plenty of experience making fermented pickles, but very little making pickles with vinegar. Fermented pickles are straightforward – immerse any vegetables in a 5% brine; leave at cool room temperature for a couple of weeks – but the […]

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Chili sauce kettle

Chili sauce

Yesterday was chili sauce-making day for me. I like to have it on hand as much as possible, which means making a batch every year or two. (One “batch” gives me a little over 8 one-pint jars, which will keep for up to two years, if properly canned, though the colour starts to deteriorate after […]

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IIF Preserved Lemons

Ideas in preserved lemons

When I said recently that there is very little variation among most of the recipes I have for preserved lemons, I was deliberately omitting one specific recipe from that generalization: the one in Ideas in Food. Obviously, the main problem with the traditional recipe for preserved lemons is the amount of time they take. It’s […]

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Preserved Lemon Jar

Preserved lemons

I’ve written before about some of the ingredients that have cachet among chefs and food-lovers who really know their stuff: quince, celeriac, short ribs. That list has never aspired to be comprehensive, but I would be remiss if I didn’t amend it to include preserved lemons (aka lemon confit). Naturally, because this ingredient is such […]

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Beef Stew with Pickled Walnuts

Trotter Gear: Something gelatinous is a foot

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the “fifth quarter” in meat cooking. Historically, the organs, heads, hooves and other unusual parts of food animals were the province of the poor, but nowadays these cuts are more likely to serve as a marker of one’s rarefied taste – an icon of “true foodieness.” Well […]

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Pickled myoga

Pickled myoga

At times, I have a certain compulsion around food: when I read about an ingredient enough, I eventually have to try it, no matter the cost. (OK, within reason.) In this case, it was myoga, a Japanese ingredient related to ginger. Nearly every Japanese cookbook I have mentions it, but I had never seen it […]

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Spruce Tips

Wild food: Pickled spruce tips

Today is Victoria Day, which marks the unofficial start of the planting season for most gardeners in Southern Ontario. I have yet to see much in the way of local farmed spring vegetables. On the other hand, foraged foods have abounded: fiddleheads, ramps, morels and, lately, spruce tips. Spruce tips are exactly what they sound […]

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Zucchini Pickles

Zucchini pickles

Although we’ve been living in our house for a little over two years now, this was the first summer we’ve had a dedicated vegetable patch, thanks to my husband’s efforts. One of the things we decided to grow was zucchini, despite their reputation for taking over first your garden, then your kitchen. I’ve found that […]

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