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MC mac and cheese

Modernist Cuisine’s mac and cheese

My first plan for my newly acquired powders – and one of the main reasons I picked up some carrageenan – was to finally try the mac and cheese recipe from Modernist Cuisine, arguably the most famous and frequently made dish from the book. The recipe uses sodium citrate and carrageenan to make a cheese […]

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MC Pad Thai

Not-so-modernist Modernist Cuisine: Pad Thai

I’ve never really cooked a lot of Thai food – that’s more my husband’s department – but I love the flavours. And who can resist the national noodle dish, Pad Thai? So naturally, when I stumbled on the Pad Thai recipe in Modernist Cuisine, I had to give it a try. This might in fact […]

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IIF Mac & Cheese, Take 2

Ideas in comfort food, take 2

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t write about the same topic twice in such rapid succession, but these aren’t quite normal circumstances. You see, after following their blog for years and waiting for the right opportunity to come along, I finally get to eat a meal prepared by Ideas in Food (or, at least, half of […]

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IIF Mac and Cheese

Ideas in comfort food

Although I clearly don’t mind using the occasional additive in my cooking, my collection of modernist food chemicals is still far from complete. So while everyone else I know has been busy making the macaroni and cheese from Modernist Cuisine, I’ve had to hold back, for want of carrageenan. (I do have the sodium citrate, […]

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