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Chorizo and eggs in a fresh, warm flour tortilla

It’s a wrap! Homemade flour tortillas

My dabbling in Mexican cuisine continues, this time with flour tortillas. Despite the fact that I’ve been eating flour tortillas a lot longer than soft corn tortillas, I consider the masa-based variety to be more quintessentially Mexican, which is why I tackled them first. Or maybe it’s just because the flour ones are so much […]

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Queso fundido

Chorizo: A tale of two sausages

I have many pet peeves, both culinary and linguistic. (Possibly too many.) One that falls into both categories is the word “chorizo”. Why is this a pet peeve? It’s because there are at least two types of sausage that go by the name “chorizo,” and they’re very different from each other. One, Spanish chorizo, is […]

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Pork and guajillo tacos

Blender joy: Mexican chilli sauces

One last dispatch from the “I love my new blender” files for now. Last week, I made these pork-and-potato tacos with guajillo chilli sauce. Like many Mexican recipes, it starts with you soaking dried chillis in hot water, then pureeing them with other ingredients (in this case, tomatoes and garlic), then “frying” the resulting puree. […]

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Red mole with turkey

My first mole

Building on my new-found tortilla-making skills, I decided to expand my experience of Mexican cuisine by making mole, the “national dish of Mexico,” according to Rick Bayless. I used Bayless’s recipe for Classic Red Mole with Turkey from Mexico One Plate at a Time, although there seems to be some debate as to whether it […]

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Chorizo tacos

No local tortilleria? Make your own tortillas!

If there’s one major national cuisine that isn’t very strongly represented in Canada’s food scene, it’s Mexican. There are a few Mexican restaurants and a couple of Latin American food markets in Toronto – and burritos are certainly a common sight – but the full range and depth of regional Mexican cooking is thoroughly underrepresented, […]

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