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Ice cream pie

Cornier and cornier: The other uses for Momofuku corn cookies

Having gone to the trouble and expense of making the Momofuku Milk Bar corn cookies, I figured I might as well make the Lucky Peach recipes that use them as an ingredient, too. After all, it’s not like I’m going to have a regular supply of these on hand at all times. The first of […]

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Chocolate Shell Tartufo

Solid + solid = liquid: Chocolate shell topping for ice cream

When I was growing up, one summer treat I really looked forward to was visits to Dairy Queen. I favoured Blizzards (to this day, I prefer ice cream with mix-ins), but I thought dipped cones were fascinating, even though I never ordered them. How did they put ice cream – upside-down, no less – into […]

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SV Anglaise

Cooking custard sous vide

It’s an established fact that new owners of temperature-controlled water baths will quickly develop an urge to use them to cook everything in their kitchen. Sure, we all intend them primarily for meat and fish, but before long we start looking for ways to make mashed potatoes, or lentils, or… custard. Ultimately, cooking custard sous […]

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