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Powder to the people

Fresh ingredients: Powder to the People!

Recently, I was in Ottawa, where I took the opportunity to stop by Powder to the People to pick up some new ingredients I’ve been wanting to try out: malic acid, Versawhip, and a couple of types of carrageenan. With luck, I’ll have some time soon to put them to the test and write about […]

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Chamomile honey sorbet

Sorbet math, sorbet stabilizer: Chamomile-honey sorbet

Recently, I was drinking a cup of chamomile tea sweetened with honey, and I let part of it get cold, which made me wonder: What would it be like if I changed the temperature even more drastically, say, by making it into a sorbet? I hauled out Migoya’s Frozen Desserts again for help formulating a […]

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Next Beet PDF

Beet pâte de fruit

After making the beet fluid gel for my take on red velvet cake, I found myself with quite a bit of beet juice left over. Fortunately, I had a recipe handy to help me use it up: beet pâte de fruit. Or should that be “pâte de légume”? It may sound strange, but beet pâte […]

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IIF Mac & Cheese, Take 2

Ideas in comfort food, take 2

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t write about the same topic twice in such rapid succession, but these aren’t quite normal circumstances. You see, after following their blog for years and waiting for the right opportunity to come along, I finally get to eat a meal prepared by Ideas in Food (or, at least, half of […]

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IIF Mac and Cheese

Ideas in comfort food

Although I clearly don’t mind using the occasional additive in my cooking, my collection of modernist food chemicals is still far from complete. So while everyone else I know has been busy making the macaroni and cheese from Modernist Cuisine, I’ve had to hold back, for want of carrageenan. (I do have the sodium citrate, […]

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Baking soda by weight

On the importance of weighing

I have long been a proponent of the Kitchen Scale Manifesto. I am a firm believer in weighing whatever can be weighed: it’s the best way to ensure your recipes come out consistently every time, especially with ingredients like flour, whose volume can vary enormously depending on how compacted they are. Not to mention that […]

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Lamb Spoon

Christmas party appetizers

I’m off in New York this week, but I thought I’d share a couple of the appetizers my husband and I served at our annual Christmas party, which took place this past weekend. First up, shown above, a hot passed app that was a mix of traditional and modern techniques: shredded roast lamb shoulder (recipe […]

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Cinnamon Turnover

Fluid gels as turnover filling

Last weekend, as the culmination of my eGullet foodblogging week, I hosted a small dinner party, of which my Caesar salad was one course. You can see the whole meal here. For dessert, I made individual tartes Tatin with cinnamon ice cream, apple pâte de fruit and cinnamon fluid gel. Fluid gels are one of […]

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Caesar Salad

Make mine a Caesar

Whether you believe it to be a Canadian invention or not, the Caesar is undeniably one of Canada’s favourite cocktails. But where most cocktails work by balancing sweet, sour, bitter and strong flavours, the Caesar is one of a small number of cocktails that also brings elements of salty and umami into play. A balance […]

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Gelatin clarification

Filtering liquids with gelatin

Have you ever accidentally frozen Jell-O? Maybe you put it in the freezer to make it set faster, and forgot about it? If so, you probably noticed that when it thawed, it started to weep liquid. The technical term for this is “syneresis” and, used deliberately, it can be a powerful tool in the kitchen. […]

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