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Zucchini Pickles

Zucchini pickles

Although we’ve been living in our house for a little over two years now, this was the first summer we’ve had a dedicated vegetable patch, thanks to my husband’s efforts. One of the things we decided to grow was zucchini, despite their reputation for taking over first your garden, then your kitchen. I’ve found that […]

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Dried Chilies

Dried chillis

While my tomato plants may have been a write-off this year, the chilli plants really took up the slack: lately they’ve been producing ripe fruit much faster than we can eat Thai basil chicken, our favourite application for fresh chillis. This weekend, I finally admitted defeat, and decided that I had to take action to […]

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Amatriciana with tomato leaves

Bucatini all’amatriciana with tomato leaves

Thanks to some local friends whose garden was starting to look a little overgrown, I managed to lay my hands on some tomato leaves to cook with. I figured the best way to experiment with them was in a dish that already included tomatoes. My favourite go-to pasta sauce is amatriciana, which uses bacon and […]

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2010-07-07 - Tomato greens

Cooking with tomato leaves

This picture shows the tomato plants in my garden back when they were still healthy. Unfortunately, they’ve since succumbed to a fungal infection (fusarium wilt has been implicated) so we had to pull them all out. Which is sad not just because it means I don’t get to eat the tomatoes, but also because I’d […]

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First radish of the season

This evening, about three weeks after the seeds were planted, I harvested the first French breakfast radish from our newly-dug vegetable patch. After taking this photo, I ate it the only way you can eat the first radish of the season: sliced in half, with a sprinkle of salt. It was delicious! But there are […]

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