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Tofu scramble

Homemade tofu redux

Time to take another shot at making my own tofu. I followed the same process as before, but used less nigari this time. Not enough less, as it turned out: the tofu was still overcoagulated (though not as much as last time), producing a very fragile, somewhat crumbly result. I also tried pressing it in […]

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Homemade Tofu

“Meat from the fields”: Homemade tofu

The technical term for my first foray into tofu-making is “qualified success.” The parallels between tofu and cheese-making are extensive. (I never used to understand why tofu was glossed as “bean curd,” but that’s probably because the first type of “curd” I ever encountered was lemon.) The biggest difference is, for tofu, you have to […]

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Carrot flan

Gelling basics: Gelatin

Gelling may well be one of my favourite transformational techniques. Controlling texture is always an important part of food, and gelling agents offer you the useful ability to turn liquids into solids. Essentially, gelling happens when you dissolve an ingredient into the liquid that you want to gel, and it combines in a network of […]

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