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Beef tendon chicharrones 1

All puffed up: Beef tendon “chicharrones”

One of the cuts of beef used in the pho broth I made was new to me: beef tendon. I’ve eaten it before, and I know it’s used pretty widely in several East and Southeast Asian cuisines, but I had never cooked it at home. Tendon, being a type of connective tissue, contains lots of […]

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Robuchon fries

French fries the Robuchon way

OK, let’s face facts. French fries are the best preparation there is for potatoes. Sure, I love creamy, comforting mashed potatoes or a smothered baked potato as much as the next guy, but the supremacy of fries must be acknowledged. They’ve got it all: salt, grease, a crispy exterior and a fluffy interior (or a […]

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