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Sabayon: Egg-yolk foam

Everyone knows you can make a foam out of egg whites; that’s what meringue is. But did you know that egg yolks can foam too? It’s a little trickier, though. Yolks won’t foam without a little help in the form of some added water. And unlike egg white proteins, which can be destabilized by mechanical […]

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Red velvet sponge 3

Red velvet carpet: Microwave sponge cake

Another one from the “I’ve been meaning to try” files, this time prompted in part by a recipe in the latest issue of Lucky Peach. Microwave sponge cakes, pioneered by Albert Adrià, had a brief surge of popularity a few years ago, before retreating back to the relative obscurity of “just another pastry technique.” There […]

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Aerated chocolate

Vacuum-set foams: Aerated chocolate

It’s funny sometimes, the things that give me the impetus to move projects off of my “to do” list and drive me into the kitchen. In this case, it was Halloween. After trick-or-treating was over, our basket of treats held a few leftover Aero bars, which I had always thought my husband disliked. When I […]

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Sponge Toffee

Foamed candy: Sponge toffee

It always irks me when people make the sweeping declaration that “foams” are a fad that will soon fade. While this may be true of some types of foams – although even there, I’m not convinced – foam is a structure that cuts across all categories of food, savoury and sweet. Take, for example, the […]

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East India

Friday Night Cocktail: East India with pineapple-spice foam

Although it might sound a little strange at first, the idea of incorporating foam into a cocktail is an old one. Many recipes for sours include an egg white that, when shaken with the other ingredients, froths up to a nice head of foam in the glass, and smooths out the texture of the drink. […]

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Shiitake Air

The lightest foam you’ll ever taste

When it comes to foams, the lightest style you’re likely to come across is known, very appropriately, as an “air.” This is another Ferran Adrià invention, and although he makes a strong distinction between “foams” and “airs” (I remember watching him correct his interpreter on this point at an event in Toronto a couple of […]

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Apple Foam

Cold foams from a siphon

Although there are many culinary preparations that fall into the category of foam, when you say the word “foam” today, especially in the context of avant-garde cooking, what often comes to mind is a piece of equipment: the whipped cream siphon. The idea of using a siphon to make foams other than whipped cream is […]

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Milk Foam

Foam: An Introduction

Foams, if you’ll pardon the pun, are the whipping boy of avant-garde cuisine. Those who fear “molecular gastronomy” deride them; those who practice it often downplay them. Anthony Bourdain once famously derided the godfather of avant-garde cooking, Ferran Adrià, as “that foam dude.” So what exactly is a foam? At the highest level, it’s a […]

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