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Warka: Not worth it

When I made my bisteeya, I used phyllo for the pastry, cutting it into rounds to layer the pie. But traditionally, bisteeya is made using an altogether different type of pastry known as “warka” (and, transliteration being what it is, sometimes spelled warqa, warkha or ouarka). The original method for making warka is to take […]

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Ricotta salata

Last-ditch cheese: Ricotta salata

I glossed over it before, but my first attempt to make mozzarella was not so much a success. There are ways to draw success out of failure, however. Enthusiastic, I had decided to make a full batch of mozzarella, and bought 4 litres of organic cow’s milk to that end. Using both Ideas in Food and […]

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Failed Ricotta

The whey it goes

(It’s just too easy to make puns on the word “whey.”) After my first cheese-making session, I was left with a fair bit of whey – a little more than a litre of it. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to use it, so I stashed it in the fridge until I could […]

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Moldy Vinegar

Vinegar update

Nearly two months after I posted about trying to make vinegar without a mother, the time has come for an update. I’m sad to report that it was an utter failure: instead of developing a healthy population of acetobacter, my would-be vinegar developed a nice coating of fuzzy blue-green mold. (Trust me, this photo is […]

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Blueberry Mousse

The value of failure

Sometimes our failures can be as fascinating as our successes are tasty. After making Hervé This’s chocolate Chantilly, I thought I thoroughly understood the process and could use it to interesting effect. Since chocolate is made up of cocoa butter, cocoa solids, sugar and lecithin, I thought I could use pure cocoa butter, fruit puree […]

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