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Menu creation, repetition and repetitiveness

One of the challenges I always face when coming up with a menu for dinner parties like the one I had recently is avoiding too much repetition. This is especially true because I’m working with other people’s recipes, and I try to adhere to them as closely as I can, substituting ingredients only when I […]

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5. Pork, grapefruit, sage, honey

Dinner party: March 24, 2012

When I did my big 6-course dinner party last month, I had originally invited my friends Laura and Mike, but they had to bow out at the last minute to deal with a sick child. Enough time has passed since then that I felt able to work up another menu of restaurant-level dishes for them. […]

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07 - Almond milk granité, cherry compote, amontillado gelée

Dinner party: February 4, 2012

Every now and then, I like to push myself a bit and cook food on a slightly grander scale than my everyday meals. It gives me a chance to test – and expand – my skills, and an opportunity to cook some of the more interesting and challenging dishes from all the cookbooks I collect. […]

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