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Canada Day Sausage

Canadian sausage for Canada Day

Canada Day is the perfect excuse for a barbecue, and every year (barring unforeseen circumstances), we invite lots of friends over, grill up some tasty food, and serve some great Canadian beer and wine – the latter being especially pointed this year with the passage of Bill C-311. My grilling meat of choice for this […]

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Canadian Whisky book

The white knight of Canadian whisky

In the world of whisky, the Canadian stuff is awfully popular, but doesn’t always get a lot of respect among connoisseurs. Davin de Kergommeaux is hoping to change that. The former sommelier turned whisky writer, whose palate and pen lie behind the Canadian Whisky website, recently released his book Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert. He […]

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Whisky barrels

Friday Night Cocktail: John’s Private Cask No. 1

OK, so this isn’t a cocktail at all; it’s a whisky. Fall is whisky season, and sometimes all you need is a simple glass. I acquired this particular whisky last weekend while visiting the distillery, Kittling Ridge, for their “whisky weekend” event. Every fall for the past few years, they’ve released a new small-batch whisky […]

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Canadian whisky sausage with herbes salées

One of the things that makes cassoulet seem so monumental is the variety of meats included in it. But there’s no reason you have to make them all the same day as you cook the beans. Then again, you can… and in this case, I nearly did. The “set it and forget it” sous-vide duck […]

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Canadian Whisky Old Fashioned

Friday night cocktail: Canadian Whisky Old Fashioned

Although I’m not exclusively a cocktail writer, I do sometimes write about cocktails. So it was inevitable that, sooner or later, I would write about the Old Fashioned, as so many others have done. The Old Fashioned comes from a time when “Cock-Tail” meant something specific, before “cocktail” expanded to encompass any mixed drink. (“Martini” […]

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Toronto Cocktail

Friday night cocktail: The Toronto Cocktail

In many ways, the city of Toronto is like New York’s little brother. But when it comes to namesake cocktails, there’s nothing little about The Toronto: it’s all big, bold flavour. The key ingredient here is Fernet Branca, a herbal Italian digestivo that tastes like what Jägermeister wants to be when it grows up. Apparently, […]

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