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FNC Esquire

Friday Night Cocktail: The Esquire Formula

It may sound like the title of a bad spy novel, but the “Esquire formula” is really just shorthand for an interesting “universal” cocktail ratio proposed by Esquire magazine. The idea is that, armed with this ratio and one secret ingredient, you can make a tasty cocktail from pretty much any other ingredients you have […]

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Friday Night Cocktail: Sidecar

When I first became interested in classic cocktails, the Sidecar was an early one to pique my interest. For me, it falls into the same category as the Martini, the Manhattan, the Daiquiri: classics that are classic for a reason; drinks that have never gone – and will never go – out of style. But […]

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Hop Toad

Friday Night Cocktail: Hop Toad

Mixing cocktails from older cocktail books offers as many challenges as rewards. In the hardest cases, the specified ingredients no longer exist at all, such as Hercules, Forbidden Fruit or Caperitif. But even when an ingredient still exists, that doesn’t mean it’s always clear which ingredient it is. Take “apricot brandy.” There are two distinct […]

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East India

Friday Night Cocktail: East India with pineapple-spice foam

Although it might sound a little strange at first, the idea of incorporating foam into a cocktail is an old one. Many recipes for sours include an egg white that, when shaken with the other ingredients, froths up to a nice head of foam in the glass, and smooths out the texture of the drink. […]

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Stinger Cocktail

Friday Night Cocktail: Stinger

When I wrote about the Coffee Cocktail, I mentioned that it was one of two drinks that make a frequent appearance in my cocktail shaker during the holiday season. The other one is the Stinger. On paper, drinks like the Stinger look simple. And they’re certainly simple to make. But there’s something about these quintessential […]

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Coffee Cocktail

Friday night cocktail: The Coffee Cocktail

When the Christmas season rolls around, there are two cocktails that make their way into increasing rotation in my bibulous life. One of them is the Coffee Cocktail, mostly because we always have a bottle of port in the house at Christmas; it goes in our fruitcake. If you’re not a regular denizen of the […]

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Friday Night Cocktail: Punch!

My plan for today had been to review the inimitable David Wondrich‘s new book, Punch: The Delights (and Dangers) of the Flowing Bowl. Unfortunately, due to slow shipping on the part of the online vendor I bought from, I still haven’t received my copy, even though it was released 10 days ago. (And I ordered […]

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Pumpkin Pie Cocktail 1

Friday night cocktail: Pumpkin Pie Cocktail

This recipe is the fruit of a discussion on eGullet about ways to incorporate pumpkin into cocktails without ending up with sliminess in the glass. It occurred to me that the problem is essentially one of filtration: you want all the flavour of the pumpkin, without any of the particles. In other words, it was […]

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