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Homeground burger


My meat grinder has been getting a real workout lately. In addition to chorizo and the sausages I made for Canada Day, I’ve taken to grinding my own beef for burgers… and once again, I’m reminded why entire industries spring up around certain “junk” foods; if we all had to grind our own meat every […]

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Beef tendon chicharrones 1

All puffed up: Beef tendon “chicharrones”

One of the cuts of beef used in the pho broth I made was new to me: beef tendon. I’ve eaten it before, and I know it’s used pretty widely in several East and Southeast Asian cuisines, but I had never cooked it at home. Tendon, being a type of connective tissue, contains lots of […]

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Corned beef SV faceoff

Sous vide faceoff: Corned beef

As I was waiting for my beef brisket to cure for St. Patrick’s Day dinner this year, it occurred to me that I’d never cooked corned beef sous vide. When I tweeted that I was debating the relative merits of sous vide versus traditional stovetop braising, Michael Hay, chef of the Courtyard Restaurant, suggested that […]

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Beef Jerky

Go ahead, be a jerk

When I was growing up, one of my family’s favourite treats for the grill was the boerewors sausage from Florence Meats. It wasn’t a short trip from home, so my parents would tend to buy large quantities and stash it in the freezer. Sometimes, they would bring home another treat as well: biltong, which is […]

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