Pickled quail eggs and vacation notice

I’m about to leave on vacation – a two-week road trip across the US to the West coast – so naturally I had to clean out my fridge a little bit before my departure. Buried in the back, I found some quail eggs that had been kicking around for too long. Rather than just throwing them out, I decided I needed to do something with them.

Ideally, something that would preserve them until my return. Naturally, this led me to consider pickling, both because I’ve had vinegar pickling on the brain lately and because pickled eggs are kind of an old-school preparation – and a great bar snack.

A quick web search later, I settled on this recipe for pickled quail eggs. I omitted the beet (because I didn’t have any) and the pickling spice (because I didn’t feel like it), leaving me with the Holy Tetrad of vinegar pickles: vinegar, water, salt, sugar. Although this recipe calls for the eggs to be peeled, I’ve also heard you can leave the shells on; they’ll eventually dissolve in the vinegar anyway.

They’re supposed to be ready after 24 hours, but I waited 36 before sampling. By then, the already hard-boiled eggs had firmed up even more, and absent the beet, the cider vinegar had stained the outsides a light brown. The flavour was a nice sweet-sour balance, sweeter than I was expecting. For the photo I garnished them with some “fancy” red Hawaiian salt, but I think a flakier salt, even just plain kosher salt, would give a better texture.

Since I’ll be on the road for the next couple of weeks, and not doing any cooking, posting will be sparse at best until I return.

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