Fresh ingredients: Powder to the People!

Recently, I was in Ottawa, where I took the opportunity to stop by Powder to the People to pick up some new ingredients I’ve been wanting to try out: malic acid, Versawhip, and a couple of types of carrageenan. With luck, I’ll have some time soon to put them to the test and write about it!

Full disclosure: I had every intention of paying for these ingredients, but they were given to me at no charge.

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4 Responses to “Fresh ingredients: Powder to the People!”

  1. Sheesh, I live in Ottawa and have been mail ordering these ingredients. Thanks!!

  2. can you actually go there in Ottawa? I see you can order on line byt the shipping is quite expensive…

  3. They don’t have a storefront as such, but since I’m a friend of the house, I didn’t feel bad about stopping by and picking some up. The business is operated by Marc Lepine of Atelier.


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