Mélange à deux: Home-roasted coffee blend no. 2

Since randomly throwing together my first coffee blend, I’ve been reading more about blending, especially on the fantastic Sweet Maria’s site. In particular, I learned that there’s a distinction to be made between blends of coffees from various origins, and blends of coffees roasted to different levels (which may be from one or more origins). The latter is called a “mélange” which, let’s face it, is just French for “blend.”

I recently found myself with some Peruvian beans that, when roasted to City, were pretty uninspiring. So as an experiment, I took the other half-pound all the way to French roast, or maybe just Light French – my first time roasting this dark. Partly I wanted to see how far I could take the beans using a heat gun method, and partly I figured it couldn’t hurt to, as Sweet Maria’s puts it, allow the “Origin Character [to be] eclipsed by Roast Character,” since there wasn’t much origin character to begin with. The resulting coffee was in fact too dark in the cup, but a half-and-half blend of the two produces something at least drinkable, with some of the body of the lighter roast, and some of the darker flavours of the dark roast. Maybe not “greater than the sum of their parts,” but certainly better than either one on its own.

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