Homemade tofu redux

Time to take another shot at making my own tofu. I followed the same process as before, but used less nigari this time. Not enough less, as it turned out: the tofu was still overcoagulated (though not as much as last time), producing a very fragile, somewhat crumbly result.

I also tried pressing it in a makeshift square mould, made by punching holes in the bottom of a square Ziploc container. Unfortunately, the holes weren’t big enough to drain properly, but it was good for shaping the partially drained curd. I’m finding myself wondering if I could repurpose a square cheese mould, rather than investing in a purpose-built tofu press for something that I’ll make – let’s face it – only occasionally.

Given how crumbly the resulting tofu was, tofu scramble seemed like the best application. I’m generally not a big believer in vegetarian dishes that masquerade as an animal-product equivalent; I’d rather eat vegetable foods that wear their own form proudly. Tofu scramble walks the line, being kind of an analog to scrambled eggs, and kind of a tofu dish in its own right. But it’s quick, easy, and endlessly adaptable, making it a good way to use up excess (and “aesthetically challenged”) tofu. In this case, I just flavoured it with onion, tomato, cilantro and pickled jalapenos for a simple, tasty lunch.

The tofu experiments will continue…

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