Home coffee roasting: Blend No. 1

Since posting about my third round of home-roasted coffee, I’ve been trying to roast a batch – some smaller, some larger – once a week. I think I’ve gotten pretty good with the process by now: I’m no longer under-roasting, and have learned more or less where to stop it to get the roast I want.

So for the next step, I decided to blend a couple of different coffees. Single-origin may be all the rage, but I suspect that in coffee, as in wine, a good blend can sometimes be greater than the sum of its parts. I’m hoping to hit upon such a blend one day, but the first step is figuring out what each variable (type of coffee, roast level) brings to the table.

The coffees I’ve been roasting lately come from Merchants of Green Coffee. I recently did a Colombian whose flavour I really liked, though I didn’t do formal tasting notes, and a Guatemalan that had a nice full body, but less aroma than the Colombian. It seemed like a no-brainer to blend them together. Based on nothing more scientific than the quantities left in my pantry, I roasted 230 grams of the Guatemalan to a Full City+ roast and 115 grams of the Colombian to a City roast.

I roasted the beans just yesterday, and while freshness in roasted coffee is paramount, it’s considered appropriate to wait 1-2 days after roasting for the flavour to peak. This morning’s cup is a mix of the tail end of last week’s roast (which was pure Guatemalan, at a City+ roast) with some of yesterday’s batch, and I think it’s showing more complexity than each coffee on its own. I’m definitely going to enjoy playing around with blends!

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