Congratulations to Marc Lepine and Atelier!

I’ve been deliberately holding off on this one so I could get the above photo last night, but I’d like to add my voice to the chorus offering congratulations to Marc Lepine and the staff of Atelier for their gold-medal finish in the Canadian Culinary Championships last weekend!

You can (and should) read the official announcement, as well as the recaps from judges James Chatto and Anne DesBrisay, and enthusiastic Ottawa Citizen food editor Ron Eade.

For my part, I’ll just say that I’ve been thrilled to watch how Atelier has grown in the past three years. My first meal there was a month after they opened; my most recent meal there was last night. (And I’m glad I made those reservations when I did!) The level of refinement and complexity in the dishes has gone up astronomically. At this point, it seems safe to say that Marc has gone from “up and coming” to “arrived.” Congratulations to the entire team!

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