Eleven Madison Park Granola

I got a lot out of participating in last week’s Eleven Madison Park tribute dinner in Ottawa, but all of it was in intangible form. Really, there was only one tangible thing I wanted to take away, and I didn’t even manage that: a jar of Eleven Madison Park granola.

The story goes that every guest who has dinner at EMP is given a jar of granola to take home with them for breakfast the next morning. Because the goal of the recent tribute dinners was to recreate not just the food of EMP, but the entire experience, I got to take home one of those jars with me back in December. By last week, that jar was long gone, so I was really hoping there would be some extra that I could have. Sadly, there wasn’t.

There was only one solution: cook up my own batch of EMP granola! Oddly enough, despite my inclination toward making everything myself at least once, I’ve never made granola before, even though I eat it pretty regularly and it’s not hard to make.

With significant amounts of oil and sugar, this is not the most healthy granola you will find. (Where did granola get its reputation for being health food, anyway?) Nor is it the cheapest, with copious quantities of pistachios, maple syrup and dried cherries. I paid about $5 for the pistachios, but I saved costs on the cherries by using some I had dried myself in the summer.

Gathering the ingredients is the most labour-intensive part of it, though. After that, pretty much all you do is mix everything together, throw it in the oven to dry it out and brown it lightly, and you’re done.

Craving. Sated.

Having such a luxurious, munchable snack be so easy to make may yet prove to be dangerous for me!

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