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Mai Tai

Summer Syrup Series: Orgeat

When I first became interested in craft cocktails, orgeat was one of the first syrups on my “to buy” list. (Actually, the very first time I heard about it was when watching Amélie, in which one of the customers orders a Mauresque.) Strangely, though, I had never made it myself until recently. Originally made from […]

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Pressure cooker DDL

Pressure-cooker dulce de leche

Interest in pressure cookers may be on the rise in large part because of their modernist applications, but in some parts of the world it’s never waned: cooks from Morocco to Mexico have long relied on them as a labour-saving device for preparing traditional dishes in a fraction of the traditional time. So it came […]

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Bianco vermouth sorbet

Sorbet by the numbers

Since my first taste of bianco vermouth (not to be confused with dry white vermouth), I’ve wanted to make it into a sorbet. I finally managed it, but took an interesting path to get there: I calculated it. I was first introduced to the idea of formulating frozen desserts mathematically by Michael Laiskonis, and the […]

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Summer syrup series: Lime cordial

My past Friday Night Cocktail posts have more-or-less reflected simply what I’m drinking at the time, with no particular overarching theme. For the next few weeks, that’s going to change, as I launch the Summer Syrup Series. Syrups are an indispensable part of mixology, and have been ever since the days of Jerry Thomas. Early […]

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