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Like everyone who reads widely on the Internet, I sometimes collect lists of interesting articles that don’t necessarily warrant a complete post, but are worth passing along, like the random assortment of meats and vegetables you find in your fridge that end up in a pot pie. Here’s some of what I’ve been reading lately, all mixed up together and capped off with a flaky crust.

New Year’s is the most important holiday on the Japanese calendar, so it makes sense that the culinary traditions that have built up around it are imbued with so much meaning.

While we all await the release of Modernist Cuisine with bated breath, eGullet declares 2011 to be its very own “Year of modernist cuisine,” complete with links to some great past threads on avant-garde cooking and restaurants.

Meanwhile, the Modernist Cuisine team themselves have posted a fascinating high-speed video of the Leidenfrost Effect (a.k.a. “Why you can put your hand into a bucket of liquid nitrogen without getting frostbite”).

My friend John Sconzo, who has eaten in more top restaurants than probably anyone else I know, has a great write-up of his dinner at Coi. I know where I want to eat next time I go to San Francisco!

What is the pastry world coming to? Adam Gopnik explores the current state of dessert. Most interesting is the idea that the two biggest historical influences on modern cuisine, Antonin Carême and Michel Guérard, both managed to achieve what they did because of their perspective from the pastry kitchen.

The National Post’s Adam McDowell talks punch, and offers some advice for Toronto’s bars, all of which I agree with.

And, finally, the Cooking Issues team explores aspects of dashi that I hadn’t even begun to consider. Now I just have to track down some high-quality kombu…

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