Vinegar update

Nearly two months after I posted about trying to make vinegar without a mother, the time has come for an update. I’m sad to report that it was an utter failure: instead of developing a healthy population of acetobacter, my would-be vinegar developed a nice coating of fuzzy blue-green mold. (Trust me, this photo is in black and white for a reason. It’s scary enough as-is!)

One thing I noticed along the way is how much the volume of liquid fell due to evaporation, which has left me wondering what role ambient humidity plays in vinegar-making. Maybe the alcohol evaporated before the acetobacter could get established, thus paving the way for mold?

Of course, this doesn’t mean I’m giving up. But when I make my next attempt, it will be with a mother – even if I have to take it from cider vinegar.

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