Christmas party appetizers

I’m off in New York this week, but I thought I’d share a couple of the appetizers my husband and I served at our annual Christmas party, which took place this past weekend.

First up, shown above, a hot passed app that was a mix of traditional and modern techniques: shredded roast lamb shoulder (recipe from Jamie at Home) accompanied by mint sauce gelled with agar and locust bean gum and a roast garlic chip, made by dehydrating roast garlic puree. By gelling the mint sauce with agar, I could heat everything to a nice serving temperature without worrying about melting the mint jelly.

The lamb shoulder, from Rowe Farms, was beautiful as well as delicious.

We also did two versions of tuna salad on endive spears. Kind of an old-school presentation, but easy to prepare, easy to serve and well received by guests. The ones shown here had walnuts and dried cranberries mixed in, and were garnished with Cortland apple julienne. (Cortland because it doesn’t oxidize as quickly as other varieties, so you don’t end up with brown apple bits on top of your food!) The other version had minced chipotles, lime zest and green onions, and were garnished with cilantro leaves.

What are your favourite party appetizers?

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