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Zucchini Pickles

Zucchini pickles

Although we’ve been living in our house for a little over two years now, this was the first summer we’ve had a dedicated vegetable patch, thanks to my husband’s efforts. One of the things we decided to grow was zucchini, despite their reputation for taking over first your garden, then your kitchen. I’ve found that […]

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64-degree poached egg

The 64-degree poached egg

When my PolyScience Sous Vide Professional arrived on Friday, I had to decide what to cook in it first. It ended up being an easy decision. Eggs are such a primal food, and so delicious. Also, I had them on hand, which was useful since the immersion circulator arrived more than a week earlier than […]

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Quick and easy hummus

For no particular reason, I’ve been on a big hummus kick lately. It’s a relatively nutritious snack, spread on pita or scooped up with crudités. And while it’s widely available in grocery stores, it’s also remarkably easy to make at home, with the added benefit that you can tweak the recipe to your taste or […]

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Angel Food Cake

Angel food cake

…or, what to do with the other half of the egg. In my kitchen, egg yolks seem to get more use than egg whites. Yolks have so many uses: custards, pasta dough, pie crusts, and so on. A single batch of ice cream can leave me with as many as nine egg whites on my […]

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Immersion Circulator

Sous vide cooking: A resource list

I recently decided to order a Sous Vide Professional immersion circulator from Polyscience – or, rather, from their Canadian distributor, Testek Instruments. After a couple of years of debating it, I’m finally diving head-first into the world of sous vide cooking. There’s lots of information on the web about what sous vide is; if you’re […]

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Dried Chilies

Dried chillis

While my tomato plants may have been a write-off this year, the chilli plants really took up the slack: lately they’ve been producing ripe fruit much faster than we can eat Thai basil chicken, our favourite application for fresh chillis. This weekend, I finally admitted defeat, and decided that I had to take action to […]

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Garden Vegetable Soup

Vegetable soup with salted herbs

I didn’t make it very far into my latest cookbook purchase, Fresh Canadian Bistro , before landing on a recipe that caught my eye and drove me into the kitchen to check my vegetable supplies: Chives Chef Darren Lewis’s “Grosse soupe du petit jardin” (literally “big soup from the little garden,” but glossed in the […]

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Fizzy Tomatoes

Carbonated tomatoes

A small mountain of tomatoes on my kitchen table (a gift from some generous friends whose tomato crops fared better than ours this year) collided with my post on carbonating fruit in an iSi whipped cream siphon, leading to a fun experiment. These carbonated pear tomatoes were the result. I would qualify them as a […]

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