Classics are classic for a reason

My local butcher had a special on veal shank slices the other day, so I picked some up to make osso buco, even though I don’t usually associate braising with the dog days of summer. I made it a two-day process, searing, braising and chilling the meat on the first day, then de-fatting and reheating it on the second, and making a Milanese risotto and gremolata to accompany. It was a great reminder of why the classics are classic. The richness of the veal found its counterpoint in the zingy brightness of the gremolata, and the whole dish was underpinned by the floral saffron risotto. This is the sort of dish that I love: comforting and familiar, and the perfect lesson about how careful technique can elevate a dish from humdrum to inspiring. If only we could have served a nice bottle of Barolo alongside!

What classic dishes do you turn to for inspiration?

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