A pair of behind-the-scenes videos

Two cool videos to share with you today. First up, John “Docsconz” Sconzo has a video of Town House sous-chef Matt Edwards preparing the orange shells for the dish “The Orange from Valencia.” John writes:

This won’t be freeze the eyes to the screen of anyone already solidly grounded in techniques using liquid nitrogen, but for those who are not and who are intrigued, it should be pretty cool.

The Orange From Valencia from John Sconzo on Vimeo.

Though I have worked with liquid nitrogen myself, I can say that this video was still very interesting to watch! Be sure to read John’s fantastic write-up of his whole meal, including details on this dish.

Second, the team at Atelier is at it again. This time, they filmed the plating of their dish “Tomatrix Revolutions.”

A couple of weeks ago, Chef Mark Lepine tweeted: “The sequel to last summer’s ‘Reloaded’ – ‘Tomatrix Revolutions’. Over 50 moves, fun to plate.” Watching the dish actually being plated, it sure does look like fun! I wonder what they’re going to call next year’s tomato dish, now that they’ve exhausted the titles of the Matrix movies…

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