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Peameal bacon brining

Peameal bacon: Into the brine

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to do a series of posts on the dish that, to me, represents the pinnacle of brunch: Eggs Benedict. And with Canada Day taking place this week, what better component to start with than peameal bacon, a.k.a. back bacon or Canadian bacon. (Though there is some debate on […]

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Radishes: Beyond raw

Faced with an abundance of radishes, I set about skimming through my cooking library for recipes to make use of them, or at least ideas for a starting point. There were two pieces of information that kept cropping up. First, that there are three major kinds of radishes: red, Asian (such as Japanese daikon) and […]

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Antigriddle 2

An example of a homemade Antigriddle

After posting about the PolyScience Antigriddle a few weeks ago, I came across a YouTube channel called “Procrastination Pictures,” with videos demonstrating various avant-garde culinary techniques. In particular, there are videos demonstrating a homemade version of an Antigriddle using a regular cast iron griddle chilled in liquid nitrogen, which boils at -196° Celsius. From what […]

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Rhubarb crisp

Rhubarb, tart and crisp

If the tomato is everyone’s favourite vegetable-that’s-really-a-fruit, rhubarb should be everyone’s favourite fruit-that’s-really-a-vegetable. Especially in spring, when there are precious few other fruits available. We inherited a small rhubarb patch with our house, but the key word is small. Shaded by several trees, and suffering frequent insect attacks, it produces enough for only one small […]

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Friday night cocktail: Royal Bermuda Yacht Club

If you followed my advice and made up a batch of falernum for the Zombie, by now you’re probably wondering what else you can mix with it. Here’s your answer! The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, like many rum-based drinks, is essentially a riff on the original Daiquiri. The trinity of rum, juice and sugar can […]

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Bowl of cherries

The reward at the bottom of your cocktail glass

Cherry season is approaching again in the Niagara region. A Manhattan served to me recently by a friend with some very good homemade cocktail cherries (Me: “What kind of booze did you preserve them in?” Her: “I don’t remember!”) made me realize that I need to start planning my own batch of cocktail cherries for […]

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First radish of the season

This evening, about three weeks after the seeds were planted, I harvested the first French breakfast radish from our newly-dug vegetable patch. After taking this photo, I ate it the only way you can eat the first radish of the season: sliced in half, with a sprinkle of salt. It was delicious! But there are […]

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Mixing mustard

More on mustard

I wanted to pick up where I left off in my last post, because there were a couple of points that I glossed over that deserve a little more detail. The first involves mustard seed varieties. As I mentioned, mustard seed comes in three different types: black, brown and yellow. Each one is, in fact, […]

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