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Whole mustard seed

As Canadian as mustard?

If any condiment has a claim on being Canadian, I’d argue that it’s mustard. Sure, people have been making mustard since ancient times, but look at how things stand today: Canada is the world’s largest exporter of mustard seed, and one of the top 5 producers overall. I think that’s enough to qualify the piquant […]

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Tech rundown: The Antigriddle

In my last tech rundown, I talked about ingredients that avant-garde restaurants use for some of their tricks that are just as easy for home cooks to find and use. This time, I want to show you the Antigriddle, a piece of equipment that’s probably out of reach for most home cooks. (Though that hasn’t […]

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09-Takoyaki 2

Eating Japan

We’re just about to wind up our whirlwind tour of Japan, so I wanted to share some photos of the things we’ve been eating over here. The food has been almost uniformly awesome. Of course, we’ve eaten a lot more than what’s in this slideshow, but these are a good cross-section. Be sure to click […]

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Fresh fish

Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market

A few days ago, we had a chance to visit Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. Tsukiji is one of the largest fish markets in the world, if not the largest. One of its most famous features is the bluefin tuna auction that takes place nearly every day. Although I am opposed to eating bluefin tuna […]

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