Cooking Issues launches a forum

I’m a week behind on this, but it bears mentioning anyway: last week, the team at the always-informative Cooking Issues blog announced that they would be launching forums in order to increase interaction with their readers.

Cooking Issues is the blogging face of Dave Arnold and Nils Norén of the French Culinary Institute. In addition to remarkably in-depth posts on everything from apple varieties to ike-jime, a Japanese fish-preparation technique, Dave and Nils offer primers on hydrocolloids, transglutaminase (aka “meat glue”) and liquid nitrogen. Oh, and there’s also their skål project.

Cooking Issues is one of the most detailed and informative blogs I follow. Given the amount of information they provide on the blog, the opportunity to ask questions on the food technology-related topic of your choice is not to be missed!

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One Response to “Cooking Issues launches a forum”

  1. Thanks for the tip! I’m bookmarking it.