Archive | March, 2010
Shell-molded chocolates

Filling chocolates

Below is a short video I shot at a chocolate-making conference I attended last spring, organized by eGullet members. It shows my husband filling shell-molded chocolates with a passion fruit caramel. They were delicious!

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Unsmoked andouille sausage

Stuffed sausages

One thing I’ve learned about sausage-making is that sausages are a kind of emulsion. This means that, like a hollandaise sauce, they can break if they’re not handled properly. The first time I tried stuffing sausages into casings, I did it by hand with a makeshift funnel. The problem was that you need to keep […]

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Agar agar

Tech rundown: The magic of everyday chemicals

Although some of the ingredients used in avant-garde cuisine are hard to find, expensive and have short shelf lives, some of them can be easily found in major grocery stores, health food stores and ethnic markets. Here are a few of the more readily available “everyday chemicals,” where you can get them, and what they […]

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Liqueurs: Limoncello, damson gin and beyond

So it turns out that distilling alcohol at home is technically illegal, which somewhat limits your options for making your own hard liquor. Only somewhat, though, because modern bar culture has spawned a wide variety of often fancy bottles that all hold what is essentially a blank canvas: vodka. Lacking a still, vodka is the […]

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Asparagus, mushroom froth, goat cheese mousse

What’s in a name?

There’s a lot of debate out there about the term “molecular gastronomy.” Originally, it was coined to describe a series of workshops bringing together chefs and food scientists, but it morphed over time into a name for a cooking style. Several of the key practitioners of this style reacted to this perceived misapplication by promoting […]

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Pretending to get ready for winter

Lately, I’ve found a new hobby: duck hunting. Okay, I haven’t actually been going out with a gun to shoot them down out of the sky, but I have been prowling all the local grocery stores to find them. I’ve spent the better part of the last month on a mission to make duck confit, […]

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When life hands you cherries…

I suppose the punchline should be “make cherry lemonade,” but it’s not. Last year it was blueberries, this year it’s cherries. Fortunately, we were slightly more restrained this time, buying only 6 pounds of the most fragrant sour cherries we could find at the Guelph Farmers’ Market to see what they would inspire. When we […]

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